Downsizing is A Wise Move

February 2, 2021

Downsizing means scaling down to a level that is more suitable to your current requirements and may mean moving home to a smaller place. At E-Movers, we notice that there are plenty of reasons to downsize and this decision is not necessarily made by only those struggling with housekeeping due to a drop in income, but could also be when you reach the empty-nest stage of your life. Unforeseen events such as a job transfer or a divorce, can also compel you to relocate your house to a smaller space.

Whether you are retiring early or starting a new phase of life, moving home to a less spacious arrangement does offer a myriad of benefits such as saving money, time, energy and winnowing down the excess for a stress-free life. Hence calling it ‘right-sizing’ is more appropriate than calling it downsizing.

Your decision to downsize may have any of the below cited reasons, but when you are moving home to a smaller place do keep in mind that you do not have to compromise.


A reduction in income is the prime reason to move home to a space smaller than you are used to. Homeowners look for a budget-friendly home to save on utility bills and maintenance costs, as paying for an oversized home can drain their savings account. Opting for a studio apartment is a logical step when your income levels have plummeted.

Lesser family members

The number of people you must reside with will determine the type of home you choose. With grown up kids off to university or settled in their life, you may find your current home too spacious to live in. Hence, downsizing your home is a logical step when the number of members in your household have decreased.

Lower maintenance effort and cost

Age related factors and health issues may lead to difficulties in the upkeep of a huge mansion and a spacious garden. Too many floors are also not ideal for aged people with mobility issues. Relocating to a small home, with fewer rooms would be easier to keep clean and organized. This would also free up your schedule to pursue other interests and hobbies in life, that matter most to you.

New stage of life

A job transfer, a retirement on the horizon, death of a spouse or a divorce, would lead you to relocate home to a new city or state and start a new phase in your life. Now that you are all on your own, living in a compact accommodation is surely beneficial.

While you consider moving home to a smaller place, it is worthwhile to also do some research into the type of community you want to live, and how well it fits into your lifestyle needs. Downsizing does not necessarily mean compromising your quality of life. With less space in the home, you may need more physical activity outdoors. So, ensure your neighborhood has the amenities you want such as a public garden, pool, clubs, gyms, medical stores, and grocery shops around.

If you are downsizing into a budget-friendly home and starting a new phase in life, then entrust the home relocation job to a professional moving company to move you to your new abode. You may additionally consider renting a storage facility to store your valuable belongings due to constraints of space.

At E-Movers, we provide complete moving services while you downsize to a smaller home. From help on packing to storage facility, we can support you with all-inclusive home relocation services, that also consists of furniture installation, furniture reconfiguration and storage services. All your precious belongings will be handled with care and you can rest be assured that your move will be in good hands. Contact us on 800 9003 or visit our page to get a reasonable quote for your move.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.