Managing emotions of moving home

September 23, 2020

We as human beings experience constantly changing emotions, particularly around important events in our life.

An event of moving home is not just a physical act but also a very emotional event. When we move homes, we experience different types of emotions such as despair, fear, grief anxiety, loneliness, anger, and perhaps confusion. We experience these emotions in different degrees and each emotion may have a foundation or could have arisen by the unfolding circumstances.

One needs to handle emotions intelligently while allowing time to adjust to them gradually. The team at E-Movers is aware of the emotions of moving and we are trained to help you move with ease.

Here are the common emotions one needs to deal with during moving out.


During the household move, you will experience a short-lived fit of tropophobia – the fear of moving or of making changes. Fears may be attributed to the paucity of time, fear of being scammed by dishonest movers and possibility of damage to your valuable possessions.

By not overthinking you can keep your irrational fears in control. Choose a trusted moving company to do the task of moving home and the fears will fade into oblivion.


When relocating to a new home, most people experience anxiety (fear of the unknown). We carry along our past experiences with people and places as we transition to the new environment. Children may become moody, angry and withdrawn. Change is unsettling and it takes a while to familiarize with a new place and settle down into a routine.

Convince your mind that moving is a part of life. Be patient with the kids. Involve them in the moving process into packing their stuff. Talking about the prospects of change will be helpful in calming down apprehensions.


We experience grief of leaving friends and places behind when we shift our residence. Episodes of sadness and frustration may overpower you from time to time.

Convince yourself that moving is a part of life and that old friends are just a phone call away. With the advent of digital media, you can always ignite re-connections. Focus on making new friends in your new environs.

 Chaos and confusion  

When the deadline to move approaches, you may suddenly feel confused and overwhelmed by the mammoth task ahead of you. Chaos stems from the lack of advance planning and absence of a structure to follow. You feel drained just thinking about how to go about organizing yourself.

Hire a professional moving company well versed with the intricacies of relocation. Trust them to complete the planning and execution and guide you smoothly through the process.

Stress and irritation 

The challenges of moving do not end when the moving van pulls away. You may still experience stress and irritation of unpacking and in making decisions of what goes where in the new house.  The first few days may cause disorientation but with each passing day you will slowly settle in.

Allow some free time to sit by yourself and catch your bearings. Take help from others in the family to unpack and settle down.


While the fear of unknown may overwhelm some, the prospect of a new place, new friends, and new environment is extremely exciting. This also helps in reducing the anxiety and you need to use these spurts of enthusiasm to do the boring and mundane tasks first.

Explore your new neighborhood and greet your neighbors. Take a walk around to find the nearest park, restaurants and grocery stores.


Feeling lonely is natural.  You are new to a place and it may take time to make new friends.

Learn to relax and embrace the new life as things will get better with time. Gain control of the situation and your feelings will slowly lose their power to disturb you.

At E-Movers we comprehend the emotions associated with moving and we have staff trained to understand the psychological impact of moving. This helps us to empathize with your feelings and act in a manner that reduces the side-effects of negative emotions.

Built on years of experience and a sharp understanding of home relocation process, approach E-Movers on 800 EMOVERS (800 9003) for quick and hassle free moving services.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.