No Mess Up Moves

May 6, 2022

You realise how many things you have only when you are moving; that is when the real mess starts, sorting out through what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. The scattered boxes, missing items, lack of clarity on packing, all of it can weigh you down. Moving homes does require a bit of planning to ensure you don’t miss out anything, that’s where hiring the right relocation company in town can be helpful.

At E-Movers, a top Doha moving company, we have seen it all over the years- we ‘ve moved individuals, families, and offices. If there’s one thing moving has taught us is that there’s so much that goes into it. From creating a checklist of items to be moved, packing your delicate stuff right to getting your place ready to move in and storing your excess stuff, every aspect has been handled by our team for a complete mess-free experience.

Trust us to shape your move the smooth way without any mess.

Packing done right

We understand the sentimental value you hold towards your stuff. That’s why our packers and movers skillfully pack your glassware, antique pieces and other stuff with care. With packing hacks learnt over the years, every item is wrapped to precision for a damage-free shift.

Our assorted sizes of tear-proof boxes can custom fit your stuff inside. All your clothes will be shifted crease-free with portable moving wardrobes and customized hanger boxes. We also have compact specialty boxes to move your smaller stuff such as cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. Even your food can be moved in cooler boxes at optimal temperatures.

No mess moving services

As experienced international movers, we help ease the burdens of moving any distance. We customize our moving plans to handle as much as support you need. From full package services toadd-on moving solutions of packing or storage we are your trusted guide through the process. Our checklist culture ensures nothing is missed or misplaced, and you will find all your stuff in order at the new location. All you need to do is sit back and watch how efficiently the entire move is done within the specified time.

Move with your furniture

As trained furniture movers, we bring the right equipment and tools for the job. We employ tested techniques to ensure the safe handling and transport of every kind of furnishing. Whether shifting a sofa or armrest chair, we protect every item in our care with extra padding and strapping. We offer a full range of removal services to dispose of your unwanted furniture and junk stuff.

Expert handyman services

A repair in time saves nine. Our technicians will do the quick fixes and lend you a helping hand with maintenance tasks. From fitting cables, lighting fixtures, hanging wall frames, fixing your TV and AV equipment they will get your premises set up in no time. Trained in customer courtesy skills, hygiene and safety standards as per NEBOSH, every job is executed to precision and before leaving they will even clear up the area, leaving no mess behind.

Best-in-class storage services

Still looking for a home and have no place to store your items? Your precious belongings can be safely housed at only a fraction of the rental costs, with no headaches. High-tech surveillance cameras and temperature control options at our ultra-modern warehouses ascertain not even the minutest damage. You gain much-needed peace of mind knowing your belongings are out of harm’s way. The best part is our storage solutions in Qatar are flexible ranging from a week or year depending on your requirement.

Move in without a worry with us

E-Movers, one of the trusted relocation companies in Qatar have earned a reputation for moving without generating mess or stress. Whether you need office shifting services or home relocation services in Qatar, we make moves easy for you like no other.

A Mess-free move is our guarantee, and you can be confident of a move well done.

Ready to get moving with the best house movers in Qatar? Call 800 9003 to fastrack your move.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.