Warehouse Relocation

April 1, 2020

E-Movers commercial services undertakes projects for relocation of warehouse inventory. This assignment involved the relocation of 8 warehouses that contained furniture items like sofas, bed units, mattresses, dining tables, cupboards, wooden items and delicate showpieces. These were to be moved to the Al Wukair area in Doha. A team of 24 members worked on the project to ensure safe and secured relocation of the furniture items to a new location.

The challenge was to complete the task of moving material with a volume exceeding 200 containers within a deadline of 30 days. The warehouse area was as big as 2 basketball courts. Our experienced team managed to move 9 – 10 containers worth of furniture per day to ensure timely completion of the project. We are happy to report that the team’s unerring efficiency made it possible for us to complete the project within 25 days.

A job of this nature requires intricate planning of loading, unloading, assembly, and handling of delicate furniture. It requires proper sequencing of loading and unloading to ensure that time is used productively. A total of 3 forklifts, 4 pallet jacks and 5 trailers were used to move the material around.

Our established processes, checklists, and documentation helped us work efficiently, and complete this task to the fullest satisfaction of our customer. in a timely manner. We had to overcome some challenges posed during the project, but experience and expertise in handling such assignments made the task possible to finish ahead of schedule.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.