What to do with the empty cardboard boxes after relocation

September 8, 2020

E-Movers provide customers with empty boxes to pack personal stuff that customers do not want the packers to touch or know about. These boxes are moved as-is and customers can unpack the boxes themselves after the movers have left.

The home is neatly arranged but the piles of cardboard boxes scattered around will keep reminding you that it is not yet time to relax. Before you simply toss the unpacked boxes in the trash bin, consider these useful ideas to optimally utilize, or pass them to those who need it.

1. Store the boxes for a future move

If you plan to move in the future, the logical option is store them. Flatten the boxes and pack them in a plastic wrap to keep out dust and insects. Store them in your basement or closet away from moisture and sunlight. You have saved yourself from the hassle of looking for boxes again and spending money on purchasing new ones.

2. Repurpose boxes for storage or play

Pick up the sturdy and clean boxes for storage. Fill them up with the items that you want to keep and put them aside in your closet, attic or garage. If you have young children, then get creative. Plan some fun games with your little ones by cutting them up to build a cardboard tent or castle. Try some DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) like painting on the cardboard sheet, creating posters or picture frames. You may even think to convert it into a pet bed.

3. Pass on to those who need boxes

If you know that your neighbor or colleague is relocating, pass it on. If you do not find anyone, post an online social media advertisement and request the stranger to collect them. It’s a thoughtful consideration to give boxes for free and ensure they are still usable. You eliminate something no longer useful to you and they can save their money. Hence a win-win scenario.

4. Recycle cardboard boxes

Recycling is a way out when you find the boxes torn or highly damaged. Break down, arrange and load them onto your vehicle. Hand them over to the nearest recycling center or dump them into designated bins for recyclables. You have eliminated the junk with an environmental-friendly approach to get rid of them.

5. Use boxes as recycling bins for compost

If your residence has a yard and garden, then use the boxes for creating compost or mulch to grow some veggies or flowers. Being bio-degradable, they break down easily, turning into soil. You could also consider donating them to farms and gardening centers for the same purpose.

I hope you find these options useful and next time you have left-over boxes you know what to do.

As the most referred relocation company in the region, we are conscious of the environmental consequences of cardboard boxes and this article is to help reduce wastage.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.