With a Bump? Moving your World to a New Place

December 31, 2020

The excitement to welcome a new life is major source of motivation to move into a larger home and set up the ideal living environment. Many soon-to-be parents move to give themselves more space to raise their children.

Moving is a hard job and with the baby bump – it may get even more difficult. From avoiding stress to finding an experienced doctor in a new city, there is lots to consider while moving home during pregnancy.

Here are a few tips that can help make the moving smooth during the maternity phase.

Time your move

Set the moving date preferably on a weekend to allow sufficient time for your spouse to help you in the new home and to allow sufficient rest period. Jot down a list to exactly know the things to carry along and double-check so that you do not leave anything important behind.

Hire professional movers

Relocating during pregnancy is easier when you have the right hands to help you. Moving becomes so much easier once you hire professional movers to do the job. Entrust the moving load to them and go along with good health on a stress-free move to your new home.

Do not overexert yourself

Remember that in this special time of your life, you and your baby’s health are the most important things to care about. The baby is the most precious cargo.

Anxiety and worry are not good for you in this stage. In such a delicate situation, your concerns should solely be about the life inside of you, so entirely leave it to the movers to handle everything else.

The change of environment and the experience of moving into a new home can be exhausting. Listen to your body and prioritize self-care. Stay calm and relax as much as you can.

Refrain from lifting heavy objects

The physical and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy make simple bending and lifting strenuous. Beware, a sudden increase in activity may trigger early contractions.

Do not lift odd-shaped boxes and objects, which can put your health at risk. You can carry along only light stuff such as nutritious snacks and beverages. Leave the large boxes, furniture and other cumbersome items to the movers.

Carry pregnancy related essentials

Pack a “kit of essentials” consisting of food items, medicines, pillow, and blanket to make the first night at your new home more manageable. Be easy on yourself when gathering your stuff. This way, you will be totally prepared as soon as you arrive at your new home.

Start the moving day with a protein-packed breakfast to make sure you have the energy you need to make it through the day. Drink a lot of water and take rest breaks when organizing the new home. Request help whenever needed.

Find a new doctor

If you are embarking on a long-distance move to an entirely new city, finding a reliable doctor for the prenatal check-ups is a priority, especially if there are complications in the pregnancy. You can do a little research online on the hospitals and obstetricians in the new city. If you are moving within the current city, you can ask your current doctor to recommend an obstetrician near the new address.

Unpack slowly

Once the moving is over and it’s unpacking time, do not try to do everything at once as tempting as it might seem. Straining yourself would be exhaustive and unpleasant.

Unpack the things you need immediately and slowly proceed to stuff like books and clothes. Take your time and do not overdo it. Do not be shy about accepting help.

Explore the new neighborhood

Explore your new neighborhood so that you know the location of nearby parks, pharmacy stores and restaurants. A walk around your new block will help you find cafés and other grocery shops that make everyday life easier once you move in. Take a moment to find the nearest hospital and clinics in case you need to make a quick emergency run to either facility.

At E-Movers, the moving team guarantees your safety and health during the move. We assure a smooth transition into your new home by providing professional assistance across the entire moving process.

Keep up the good mood – throughout the exciting transition in your life to welcome your bundle of joy. All the best, mom-to-be!

If you would like a hand with your move, feel free to contact E-Moverson 800 9003 for quick and hassle-free moving services.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.