and counting

  • vehical-facilities
    15+ Vehicles
  • people-facilities
    50+ People
  • moves
    100+ Moves Per Month
  • business-facilites
    80%+ Business Referral
  • year-of-business-1
    12+ Years in
  • smiles
    97%+ Customer Satisfaction
  • sq-ft-facilites
    10000+ sq.ft Storage

With a skilled workforce, state-of-the-art technology, jaw-breaking infrastructure and innovative tools, we ensure the highest quality of services to our customers. You can enable these services now at Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and KSA.

Our entire crew has undergone relocation training internally, as well as training in customer engagement skills.

The crew comprises of carpenters, furniture assemblers, packing professionals, porters and drivers. This crew, coupled with a back office crew of experienced surveyors, sales staff and customer relations executive make for an organization that delivers satisfaction to customers at every stage in their relocation journey.

A fleet of over 15 vehicles successfully completes our daily workload of multiple projects by transporting people and packed boxes.

A warehouse spread over 10,000 sqft offers secured and easily accessible off-site storage services for personal and corporate use.